Friday, February 7, 2020

Academic Writing Assessment Benefits Employers

Academic Writing Assessment Benefits EmployersWriting assessments have grown in importance since the great depression of the 1930s and in today's economy the importance of good academic writing has never been greater. In particular, the assessment to aid an employer in assessing an employee's performance, and the assessment of student writing as a general practice. Not only does this mean that academic writing assessment is increasingly vital to the modern economy, but also writing assessment is a vitally important feature of a successful career.The decision to undertake an academic assessment is a complicated one and involves a decision that can have huge implications in the workplace. Whether you are a lecturer or headteacher the assessment to help to guide your career will help your employer to understand your teaching and writing abilities. Students also benefit from academic writing assessment, and whether or not you are taking the GCSE or the equivalent, whether you are aiming to work in the professions, a wide range of employers will benefit from academic writing assessment to help them to understand your writing.So what can writing assessment help to achieve? Ideally the assessment should help your employer to understand your teaching, be it a subject such as English literature or a subject such as accounting or human resources. Employers need to understand the work of their staff, as the study of academic writing helps to establish whether the staff are prepared to meet their educational goals.For a headteacher, academic writing assessment can help in preparing your staff to succeed in your profession. The examination helps to give your staff a basis for understanding their own roles and responsibilities, and help your staff to develop. Also, by using the examination you can better understand the needs of your own students, and help them better understand their roles in the classroom.One of the most important aspects of an assessment is that of finding out whether the assessment is reflecting your own capabilities. If the assessment is reflecting your ability to write then you will be better able to develop and learn to write, and this is a key feature of the assessment. For example, if the assessment is showing that your academic writing assessment is inadequate then this can have serious consequences for your career.Writing assessment also serves to boost the performance of students. Most students aspire to achieve academic success and enjoy writing, but very few achieve it. Writing assessment helps students to be more aware of what they should be writing and helps them to develop their own writing skills, so they can achieve more.Writing assessment also helps to boost the workplace, and enables a wider range of employers to benefit from it. More employers are able to see if their staff are effectively writing and can better understand the writing requirements of their own workforce. Writing assessment also encourages staff to read more carefully and apply the study and writing skills in other areas of their own work.

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